Tabulas is a journal hosting and photo sharing site.

Privacy Policy

Any public information you post to Tabulas may be monetized by Tabulas through advertisements. Tabulas will never reveal any information to third-parties, nor will we use any information that you stipulate and assume to be private for any purposes at all (such as passwords, privacy entries, private images, etc.).

Information we gather

Tabulas collects personal information when you register and use our services. The information we gather may be used to anonymously aggregate statistical data to improve our services. Furthermore, any data assumed to be public may be used to generate an aggregate snapshot of the Tabulas community, such as our public user directories. You may opt out of all of these services through the control panel.

Tabulas may collect personally identifiable information from third parties such as PayPal when attempting to upgrade accounts.


Tabulas utilizes a small amount of data called a cookie which identifies users to the website. These cookies allow Tabulas to keep track of logged-in users, generate statistic data to improve services, and to attribute information to particular users within Tabulas. You may opt-out of cookies through your browser (depending on your browser, you can reject all cookies), but parts of Tabulas will not work properly.

IP Addresses

IP addresses are stored on Tabulas to prevent potential abuse by users. IP addresses will be logged to comments, tagboards, and hit log information.