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cinderellaareus Location: San Jose del Monte Bulacan, Philippines
It's almost 2AM and I haven't slept yet. I'm supposed to wake up in 2hrs. Accompanying Parents to the Doc to have Dad's eyes checked in a public hospital in QC. Maaga daw aalis dahil mahaba ang pila. Mas gusto ko sana matulog nalang. The day went with ... Updated 1 hour ago
it's the middle of the night and im back in manila and i want to cry but there's no sea to bike off to Updated 1 day ago
I ended going out to the mall unexpectedly because of my mom's pestering. She wants me to climb and clean the roof. Are you kidding me!? She already knows that our roof is dilapidated and one wrong step means i'll be crashing down to the floor. Sure, my... Updated 4 days ago
MeantimeNars Location: Bermuda
was at the mall with my four year old earlier today when this beks na bihis na bihis approached us and asked me,  ma'am may credit card ka na? ...hindi ako mang-aalok. he insisted to which i smiled politely and waved my hand as if to say, "... Updated 4 days ago
big.mati Location: pasay, malibay, Philippines
I feel relentless.  I am changing the objectives but still in the line of the theme (BUILD).  A half year of effort Music School Cert Self Music, This is a parent idea encompassing smaller faster ideas: Home Studio - PC Body... Updated 5 days ago
notwocanoccupy Location: Muntinlupa, Philippines
The emotional tornado of looking for a new job. Argh. Also, I should probably have a post up in the coming days about my 10th year anniversary as a lawyer. God. ---------------------- Part of me wants to apply for a job teaching English to kindergart... Updated 5 days ago
Iris-Champagne Location: City of the Gods, L'moria, Romania
"Never give up on anybody (especially, yourself); miracles happen everyday." . . . It took so much of me and my time but I have gotten there. That small half step that keeps me from being amazing has been sorted out. It is now time to lay the ground... Updated 1 week ago
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