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cinderellaareus Location: San Jose del Monte Bulacan, Philippines
On an emotional low today. Alam mo ba, I told my divorcee friend who seeks to find a new love na divine mercy feast bukas at bubuksan ng Langit ang floodgate ng Kanyang mercy, kaya sabi ko, ipagdasal nyang magka lovelife. Sabi nya 12mn palang magdadasal... Updated 7 hours ago
ECQ na naman. It came as a surprise as GCQ was announced almost 2 weeks ago. But it makes sense because of the surge of Covid cases. At least the transpo is still operational, no need for quarantine pass, no schedule, and its only gonna last through ou... Updated 1 week ago
strider_hiryu Location: Davao City, Philippines
"Lord, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can,and wisdom to know the difference."The burden of truth lies with me. The double edged truth must remain unspoken to protect what I hold dear, but ... Updated 2 weeks ago
orangeyouglad Location: Philippines
Yesterday, I went for a bank shift downstairs (Covid ward). Ang saya sana kasi dami nilang Pinoy kahapon sa taas. Then one of my colleagues, J went down and asked for some stuff they needed upstairs. Then it so happened someone needed some antibiot... Updated 3 weeks ago
Ang hirap din pag mataas ang pangarap pero tamad. Ending, I'm always disappointed at myself Updated 1 month ago
notwocanoccupy Location: Muntinlupa, Philippines
Is there a sort of Marie Kondo for the mind?  I want to be austere in my thinking, but I also know it's not possible. The nature of thinking, at least my thinking, is like a magnet: it calls anything and everything unto itself, and prays something... Updated 1 month ago
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