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princess_bride Location: Philippines
I have been staring at this blank white space for quite some time now. Not really sure what to write about. So many boring things happening in my life right now. work. Ughhh....sometimes I hate being an adult. Can I just spend a day not thi... Updated 23 hours ago
It's been one year...One year has passed since dad passed away. How time passes. Mom had to leave early in the morning with her friend to visit dad's grave to do a prayer while I stayed home preparing food when she comes home. She ate and then leftly s... Updated 1 day ago
big.mati Location: pasay, malibay, Philippines
After the episode last week, I see that what I say on the outside is completely different on how I act. Right now, the only person whom I feel can read through my bullshit is my therapist. That said, I'm also changing therapist (have I said this already... Updated 1 day ago
cinderellaareus Location: San Jose del Monte Bulacan, Philippines
It's Sunday and I was starting to feel bad that it's Monday tomorrow when I came across Bo Sanchez's vid saying something like, "wherever you are, there's a reason why you're there." I don't feel so bad anymore. At  my room now. I turned my study ... Updated 2 days ago
Consistent karat is nice and all but... I'm starting to feel empty.  Again. I'm beginning to talk with others again (messaged my ex, even), and I feel no guilt. Well wala naman talaga dapat since di kami exclusive. I think naggcrave ako now for e... Updated 6 days ago
“Africa changes you forever, like nowhere on earth. Once you have been there, you will never be the same. But how do you begin to describe the magic to someone who has never felt it? How can you explain the fascination of this vast, dusty continen... Updated 1 week ago
dabahnidanda Location: Singapore, Singapore
Our lives are in itself a mystery. You don't know when it'll end, you just know that someday, one day - it definitely will. A friend of mine recently passed away because of an accident, a super close friend passed away last year because of cancer. W... Updated 2 weeks ago
MeantimeNars Location: Bermuda
sinubukan kong mag-post ng job vacancy namin sa isang closed group sa Facebook. Ayun parang naging chatroom ng uneducated people. Kainis. So many taong tabon. May nag-comment nga doon (hindi ko na lang ini-screenshot) palagay ko nag-apply yun dito p... Updated 1 month ago
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