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cinderellaareus Location: San Jose del Monte Bulacan, Philippines
Just ended my work week. Tomorrow's Dad's surgery, so we need to wake up earlier than usual. The following day, we will once again travel for a total of 4-5 hours to go back to the hospital for another checkup. Yeah. I haven't opened Netflix the entir... Updated 5 hours ago
princess_bride Location: Philippines
It started out as a feelingWhich then grew into a hopeWhich then turned into a quiet thoughtWhich then turned into a quiet word And then that word grew louder and louder'Til it was a battle cryI'll come backWhen you call meNo need to say goodbye ... Updated 13 hours ago
notwocanoccupy Location: Muntinlupa, Philippines
With the end of Gaya sa Pelikula, N and I had a banlaw sesh of our own. A banlaw sesh is apparently what the cast and several fans do on YouTube to discuss the episode that just aired. As proper introverts, N and I are much... Updated 3 days ago
Eight months in and we are still inside the tunnel.  And in those eight months although we painstakingly managed to light a fire, exhaustion has started to creep in.  Det er ikke lett.  When you are walking and finding your way in the dar... Updated 4 days ago
I finally bought the stuff that I needed. Ordered a mesh chair and a new monitor during 11.11 Lazada sale. Despite the typhoon Ulysses wrecking havoc it still got delivered within 2 days. Got a big discount on the chair using LazCoins. The 22 inch monit... Updated 4 days ago
sa totoo lang ayoko magluto kasi naubos na yung effort ko for her.  sobrang stresseme lang ng everything since she came here pero hindi naman niya fault, ako naman ang naginvite dito so ayon, galit na galit lang ako sa sarili ko at antindi ng ga... Updated 1 week ago
liruandlegallyraven Location: Manila, Philippines
Do I even have a choice? All the sacrifices I make. For what? Nothing. I'm this close to being found dead on the shores of Manila Bay. But, I choose my own falling. I go down on my own terms. And that is what's making me stay afloat. ... Updated 2 weeks ago
uhreeelicious Location: manila, Philippines
I am afraid that I might be going through what they say "depression" This all started in the first quarter of the year, right before this crazy pandemic popped out. At first, I cut off all of my Social Media accounts. Days and months have passed, I k... Updated 3 weeks ago
MeantimeNars Location: Bermuda
bagamat lagi ko pa ding naiisulat dito na gusto ko nang mag-quit sa trabaho, palagi pa din akong may gut feel na hindi naman talaga ito matutuloy dahil marami din ako kinokonsidera: will i find another job right away after i quit my current one? mahi... Updated 3 weeks ago
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