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cinderellaareus Location: San Jose del Monte Bulacan, Philippines
11:41PM and I'm still up. Dead tired from travelling a total 10hours today. Would love to sleep but I'm still waiting for a customer's reply. I really hoping to get this one because this is a bulk order. Pinapaasa lang kaya ako neto?  ------ The ... Updated 4 hours ago
also gusto ko magco-author ng research paper wala inggitera talaga ko eh ampota Updated 4 days ago
love-wings Location: Colorado
I've added the pages for Seattle and Kliew. Still gathering up old tags and whatnot for the others. :) Updated 4 days ago
princess_bride Location: Philippines
due to a recent privacy issue i had on FB, i just got too paranoid in maintaining my social media accounts. i actually deactivated my FB account and just maintained twitter, pinterest and instagram..or those accounts where i have limited personal inform... Updated 6 days ago
notwocanoccupy Location: Muntinlupa, Philippines
The heat. I say this every year, but the heeeaaaaaat. -------------------------------- I made a slight rookie mistake in the breakup world: I went on a date too early. But just one! I am done with that for now. After all, paano na aking quest to be h... Updated 1 week ago
blisterzzzen Location: Bulacan, Philippines
Been watching 13 Reason why....  nakakapraning... :$  bat ganon... hahahaha... I just dont want be someones reason for commiting such sin.. pero malay mo mas malala pa pala epekto mo sa ibang tao... Trying to learn a new hobby... sana m... Updated 1 week ago
Scorching summer heat begins. Last time I want out, it was unbelievably hot when I went to the grocery store. Like your being cooked alive in an oven. It's also much more difficult to do house chores. Me and Dad where looking at small airconditioners di... Updated 2 weeks ago
on thursday i informed my colleague that he has five days to think of what he needs me to do for him before i head to europe.  all of a sudden his face changed to worry, and he blurted "but weren't you just away?"   "that was 6 months ago...i... Updated 3 weeks ago
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