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So I was given this wonderful opportunity to be able to further my skills. To call it the proverbial "added feathers" to one's hat is actually an understatement. Yes, I got a "conditional pass" status at my recently concluded training in Direct Sputum ... Updated 21 mins ago
cinderellaareus Location: San Jose del Monte Bulacan, Philippines
why, i cant hear anything. did i just turn.... ... deaf? Updated 1 day ago
I saw a facebook friend share his website for his web programming subject. It wasreally nice. I envy him that he's making one. While I am stuck. My mind unconsciously avoidingstudying because of how long, hard and tedious learning programming is. And ye... Updated 2 days ago
big.mati Location: pasay, malibay, Philippines
It's already Monday and I still feel the hang over from drinking last Friday. If there is any proof that I am slowly aging, this is it. But that shit was pretty awesome. We hit three bars in one night including a strip club. I feel like all the non-drin... Updated 5 days ago
dabahnidanda Location: Singapore, Singapore
:) Not sure if you know thisBut when we first metI got so nervous I couldn't speakIn that very momentI found the one andMy life had found its missing piece So as long as I live I love youWill have and hold youYou look so beautiful in whiteAnd from n... Updated 5 days ago
darth_doom Location: Manila, Philippines
busy monday at work, day went by so fast. got assigned to look after bizcat clients by tiger, so gonna have to bug khalid and charm about them. hk client wants to meet with ace and he wants me to join in. so gonna go to tdp on wednesday to hitch a ride... Updated 5 days ago
reielle Location: Philippines
As of yesterday. 10 year long relationship down in a drain. Can someone please tell/show me the correct way to die. I just can't seem to properly cut my wrist, and it was painful. So I stopped, coz it effin hurts. Maybe I should've given it o... Updated 1 week ago
Lucy Location: New York, United States
...of my mother & my aunt who died on this same day 5 years apart.  I miss you both more than words can ever say.  Updated 1 week ago
autoblasterdefendergirl Location: Philippines
To be honest, i kept saying this to myself now that i didn't cry on the saddest part in Meteor Garden 1 when Shan Chai decided to break up with Dao Ming Shi then drop out of school, causing some young girl asked me if Shan Chai appologized, though i tho... Updated 1 week ago
notwocanoccupy Location: Muntinlupa, Philippines
Taiwan 2016 I'm writing a more detailed account of what my family and I did in Taiwan at the behest of the only reader of this blog. Hahaha! Well, to be quite honest, she just wanted to know where I went there, but I felt it needed to be in entry form.... Updated 1 week ago
today was the first in a long time that I remember really having a surprisingly fun birthday.  yesterday i thought plans were cancelled for a get together with some friends this weekend.  It seems as we age we just surrender to the weekly humd... Updated 1 week ago
Everyone has 24 hours in a day. Every. Single. One.  Of. Us. What's your excuse??? Bakit ganyan ka Updated 1 week ago
anokaya Location: Pasig, Philippines
The last 24 hours have been amazing. :-) Aside from getting a really good night's sleep (hurray!) and dinner with the family and the boyfriend (yahoo!), we just closed a PR client for Biz Whiz! May pang-pasweldo na ako sa staff namin! :-) Hehehe. Add t... Updated 2 weeks ago
manang.inasal Location: Bermuda
I just realized that it has been two months since I updated this blog. And I feel so bad about it. My goal is atleast write a blog post every month but still... I failed. Again. I have a lot to write about my life happening. And also back logs from... Updated 2 weeks ago
MistrAyaan Location: India
want to be a part of tabulas. if You love tabulas so much and want to join us then you should know it is not open for all. But if you really love tabulas and want to share your life here, then message me. Cause last time when it was open for registratio... Updated 2 weeks ago
scriptscribbler Location: metro manila, Philippines
It has been a while since i went to church.. i think almost a month. and from that period of absence... i had kept in me some hatred and anguish... and sadness turned to despair that can't be seen outwardly.  But i cried earlier. i just want to go... Updated 2 weeks ago
Jannaku Location: Manila, Philippines
this morning I woke up... I suddenly realized... "eto na yung sinasabi ko noon na, eto ung age na magpapakasal ako. 25..26...27" but, I got pregnant when I was 22 and got married when I was 23. Parang napakabilis lahat ng nangyayari sa akin. Everything ... Updated 3 weeks ago
tsinelaz Location: Pasig, Philippines
reach 7 digits savings last month and next target is with 2 in front before end of year.. Updated 3 weeks ago
What I wanna do now is sleep.   Enjoy a day off, sing in the karaoke with friend, shout my heart out, go out with my loveone, sit in the comfort of my chair while I feed my dogs, breakfasts and coffee with my mom, argue stupidly and laugh with my ... Updated 3 weeks ago
MeantimeNars Location: Bermuda
seems like i haven't been doing things right. i am wondering where everyone else gets their "fighting spirits" or maybe it's just because they have more comfortable lives that they do not have anything to be sad about.  the art of self-pity. ts... Updated 4 weeks ago
You were the lesson I had to learn. And with most lessons, I had to learn it the hard way. Updated 4 weeks ago
blisterzzzen Location: Bulacan, Philippines
Bye Delamar... :( Anlapit lang ng building niyo from my office but i know i will be super shy pag pumunta ako sa booth nio.. ;( kaya dito nalang sa tabulas.. hahahaha  Good luck sa bagong career path!! Motherhood?  Updated 1 month ago
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