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cinderellaareus Location: San Jose del Monte Bulacan, Philippines
Araw araw ko syang nakikita sa simbahan. Naririnig ko kasi yung kaluskos pag lumuluhod sya sa pew sa likuran ko. Bukod sa fact na mejo gwapo sya at matangkad, napansin ko sya kasi paulit ulit ang ritwal na ginagawa nya araw araw. Pagpasok nya, luluho... Updated 6 hours ago
Looking back at an anime video clip I uploaded in Youtube back in 2016, made me look back in time. The time when dad was still alive. The time, when I wasted a lot of time. I wish he could've seen me finish my web dev studies and got a job. He always di... Updated 1 day ago
eitoelc Location: Caloocan City/Malolos City, Bulacan, Philippines
An opportunity presented itself to me last month and now I am working towards achieving a new goal. This is quite a detour that I will be taking but so far it's looking good. One more obstacle to dodge and everything should be easy peasy. Problem is, GM... Updated 4 days ago
big.mati Location: pasay, malibay, Philippines
I'm figuring out that the 20's me is pretty bad ass. I actually admire myself, my younger self. That guy literally started with nothing and look where he is now. I heard that opening salary for tellers now are about 14k. I was an engineer and my startin... Updated 5 days ago
CarizzCruzem Location: United Arab Emirates
It's scary how sometimes you're really sleepy one second but trembling the next moment because your mind suddenly flashes a memory you thought you have forgotten. But then you physically involuntarily jerk like you'd still like to bolt and run away from... Updated 5 days ago
dull_soul Location: paranaque, Philippines
i miss sopo and levaniko so much Updated 1 week ago
I can hardly believe I am going through the same emotional trauma again after 9 years.  I posted in this very platform a memory of Hearts when she passed away in 2009 and how we were so happy to find Noodle before Christmas.  Nine years later ... Updated 1 week ago
i hope i hope i hope that you don't give up on me (i won't if you don't) Updated 2 weeks ago
frozen_eyes Location: Philippines
If you grow up feeling that you will succeed in anything you set your hearts into and then realize at present that you are not where you expect to be, you will feel like a failure. It is normal and people usually go through this stage but then for indi... Updated 2 weeks ago
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