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Despite the hot weather, it still really cold at night. That's why I'm getting colds, clogged nose making it hard to breathe, and headache. Add to that using the headphone for prolong periods hurts my head as well. Its annoying. Surprisingly, mom still... Updated 11 hours ago
cinderellaareus Location: San Jose del Monte Bulacan, Philippines
I've known his brother before I met him some time about 2 years ago. They are twins, but not identical. The brother was kinda cute, I was expecting them to at least look the same, but I was suprised that he was taller and a whole lot more handsome. Bef... Updated 1 day ago
So kelan kaya magiging accountable si duts sa kanyang crimes against humanity Also the marcoses Im weeping for this country Updated 3 days ago
Louie Location: Quezon City, Philippines
I just finished hosting a fitting for a friend's wedding and was again reminded that I am single. Not that there is anything wrong with being single. There are advantages, with freedom being on top of the list. I would like to think I don't need another... Updated 3 days ago
kadjo Location: General Santos, South Cotabato, Philippines
For calling priest "father" - For calling priest "father" - On Confession - Updated 3 days ago
big.mati Location: pasay, malibay, Philippines
I plan to be happy, not rich. There is something disturbingly strange with people who cannot wrap their heads around this concept. I am not tied to my salary. After a certain crossing, an incremental increase in net worth does not create an equivalent i... Updated 2 weeks ago
dabahnidanda Location: Singapore, Singapore
feeling super drained lately. took on more jobs than I could ever handle, i guess or its just that i am poorly managing my time lately. why do i have to be so efficient and so inefficient at the same time? why can't i focus and just do things th... Updated 2 weeks ago
harm.evil.lilac Location: Behind you.. no, not that side.. , the other side, Philippines
So, I had this exchange in skype earlier with a former colleague (who was the previous geology superintendent in our other site) which was now hired as a consultant on my former site (basically we switched locations). In 2017, he was asking for g... Updated 2 weeks ago
Iamafraid Location: San Pablo City, Laguna, Philippines
Anung tawag sa nanay na iniwan ang anak? Mabuting ina ba? O makasariling ina? Pwede bang wag kang mag galing-galingan na ikaw ang pinaka-nagmamahal samantalang di mo naman sila inaalagaan. Alaga na ba yun? Yung anak mo pang magmamakaawa sayo? Alaga ba... Updated 2 weeks ago
notwocanoccupy Location: Muntinlupa, Philippines
Ladies and gents, the rumors are true, the cliches are cliches for a reason: Mahal magpa-ospital. Every time someone from the hospital moves, I keep thinking of our hospital bill.  Good thing my dad is out. And I'm going to be candid about the co... Updated 3 weeks ago
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