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cinderellaareus Location: San Jose del Monte Bulacan, Philippines
Gusto ko ng designer's bag. Gusto ko lang. Hindi naman ako bibili. Tsaka paano naman ako bibili kung alam kong may pinatay na crocodile o kaya ostrich para lang dun sa bag ko. Hindi nga ako kumakain ng hayop e. Pero gusto ko parin ng designer's bag.... Updated 5 hours ago
I just came back from taking care of an errand and after meeting a old acquiantance, I just saw a newsfeed in facebook about a volcano erupting. It was Taal Volcano who spew a huge smoke which spread quickly that even our place and ash started to fall f... Updated 4 days ago
gusto ko na umuwi sa ghent ahaha wuw? taga dun ka teh? :)) In  2 years, self. 2 years. Updated 6 days ago
manang.inasal Location: Bermuda
okay first of all, happy new year. happy 2020. 2019 is quite a good year for me: passed a certification exam got promoted first time to travel overseas with friends experienced spring season and saw the beautiful cherry blossom during peak season... Updated 1 week ago
notwocanoccupy Location: Muntinlupa, Philippines
Ended up with no time at all to finish a proper yearend entry. That’s okay, I guess. I should be more forgiving towards myself anyway.  ———————————— I turn 35 next year... Updated 2 weeks ago
big.mati Location: pasay, malibay, Philippines
I think working in themes for the year works so much better than resolutions. So 2020: Home. I want to find a home and build a home. I am very estranged to the idea. I always thought that places and people in spirit and in kind are always temporary. I'v... Updated 2 weeks ago
princess_bride Location: Philippines
i'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. i just want to pull my hair out. or worse, do something really drastic just to escape from this predicament. and whatever rant i make, i still just feel so alone and hopeless. i kept praying for a miracle but i... Updated 1 month ago
Iris-Champagne Location: City of the Gods, L'moria, Romania
How many breakdowns can one have in a day? --- According to Kübler-Ross in her 1969 book On Death and Dying, thereare five stages of grief & loss. shock and denial anger bargaining depression acceptance --- Today, I woke ... Updated 1 month ago
In the spirit of the season where the highest volume of socializing happens I dare admit to be reduced to the often mocked contemplative solace on a Friday night.  I feel drained from the back to back interactions with people I often do not see on ... Updated 1 month ago
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