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mysticmalison Location: Philippines
The last time I wrote here, it was mid 2021 and I just welcomed the new year. But now, I'm down to the last 3 months of this year before I welcome another one, 2022. This year is passing by so quickly and slowly at the same time. How so? The 3 quarters ... Updated 6 days ago
cinderellaareus Location: San Jose del Monte Bulacan, Philippines
Last night I learned na the cn-manila agents ng team namin e madidissolve na. Not sure why, basta gusto daw kasi ng client na sa Chengdu na manggaling yung support. The company will find another account to transfer them to. Habang wala pa, floating sila... Updated 6 days ago
manang.inasal Location: Bermuda
okay ang saya ko lang. nakakaiyak speech ni madam Leni. On time. Walang mura. Punong-puno ng pag-asa. Pwede naman pala ganito. Kaya sa halalan 2022, kay leni tayo! Laban Madam Leni!  ngayon, naghahanap ako kung saan ako magvovolunteer. At k... Updated 1 week ago
princess_bride Location: Philippines
Tenderness (Noun) - gentleness, kindness, feelings of deep affection/ devotion I went back in time again and reminisced. I remember someone telling me that he will always remember the tenderness between us. So which kind of tenderness was it, I wonder.... Updated 3 weeks ago
Sometimes artists you don't particularly pay attention to catches you by surprise, like Adam Levine singing "Lost Stars."  Sure it may have something to do with the movie "Begin Again," but I just found myself getting amused by it. I felt differen... Updated 1 month ago
The government is giving ayuda or cash assistance again because of ECQ and MECQ. Unfortunately I wasn't listedto get one and others too which angers many. And also the distribution isn't house-to-house anymore but to goone venue which many are upset abo... Updated 1 month ago
Iris-Champagne Location: City of the Gods, L'moria, Romania
It has been about a year since I updated this blog, but I havent forggotten about it yet. Since its lockdown in New Zealand right now and I cant really do anything, I thought.. maybe, I can take a sab at letting you guys know that I'm still alive. ... Updated 1 month ago
haixst bakit naman kasi ang mahal mahal ng mga pangarap mo :'( Updated 2 months ago
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