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cinderellaareus Location: San Jose del Monte Bulacan, Philippines
Hahhh. So, my short-lived romance has ended. I wonder if I should've negotiated my terms instead of ending it altogether. I tried messaging other people, but it didn't feel as fun and as natural as it was with him. Why did I end it nga? Was I just runn... Updated 16 hours ago
Abril na. Sa taon ng 2024. Tila kailan lang ng ang pinaka malaking problema ng mundo ay ang Covid-19. Ngayon, may gera na kung saan saan, nagmamahal na bilihin, mga taong walang makain o matirhan.  Ito na kaya ang sinasabi nilang siglo ng katapusa... Updated 2 weeks ago
On Christmas eve I was surprised to receive an email from a person whose bridge I burnt months ago.  I was hurt, and in the darkest of hours the person demonstrated the lack of ability to reciprocate compassion and empathy.  Failed miserably o... Updated 3 months ago
Time moves fast. October is like spooktober for me. Sunset is earlier today. At times it feels gloomy and spooky. Had me watching scary horror videos, compilations of paranormal scenes happening to real life people around the world. Really got me spook... Updated 4 months ago
orangeyouglad Location: Philippines
Kailangan mo ng isipin ang sarili mo.. Ikaw lang ang sasagip sa sarili mo.. Updated 4 months ago
eativity Location: Quezon City, Ilocos Sur, Cagayan, Philippines
I wish I can feel the opposite of loneliness. I wish I can experience love from outside the family. I wish I can experience geniune success. I wish I can experience victory from all my efforts. I wish I can attain success. I wish I can gain stabili... Updated 4 months ago
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