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I just realized that compassion is passion with a compass. Passion na may direksyon, passion na nakatutulong Updated 20 hours ago
cinderellaareus Location: San Jose del Monte Bulacan, Philippines
it was because of jay that i found out na available pala sa supermarket ang sacramental bread (ostia), pero kanina lang talaga ako nakakita. diet talaga ko. at 3 days narin akong naka cheat day and cannot afford another. iniisip ko lang... nakakataba k... Updated 1 day ago
dabahnidanda Location: Singapore, Singapore
thank God for family and friends who are always around to bring you back to sanity. Updated 1 day ago
princess_bride Location: Philippines
Surely there's more to life than household chores and workload. Simple joys, had our first food park date with the fambam at Madison Commons in Pasig. It was cool. Had a few drinks (smirnoff mule) together with our sumptuous mixed cuisine dinner. I had ... Updated 3 days ago
MeantimeNars Location: Bermuda
gusto ko lang sabihin na ang hirap maging adult Updated 1 week ago
blisterzzzen Location: Bulacan, Philippines
私の結婚式の花嫁介添人になれ。 Weird message received from my Hiskul barx.. Weird kasi 私 ・結婚式 at 花 lang ang nabasa kong kanji, at boy tong si barx..  I was asked for the 2nd time to be a bridesmaid in a non... Updated 1 week ago
notwocanoccupy Location: Muntinlupa, Philippines
Once in a while, I get the completely insane urge to get back on that horse called litigation. Outside legal circles, most people think all lawyers 'do' litigation. That means appearing in court, defending clients, preparing pleadings and motions, etc. ... Updated 1 week ago
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