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cinderellaareus Location: San Jose del Monte Bulacan, Philippines
I'm having rashes all over, my mom suspects I'm allergic to shrimp. Like, wtf. This morning, an officemate noticed the rashes on my neck and she was like, "ba't ka my kiss mark". Mej nakakajahe bilang may kasama kaming lalaki, but more than that, baka ... Updated 7 hours ago
princess_bride Location: Philippines
It has been 8 years since that trip. Wow, that long! And the memories were just like yesterday. I remember the note I have typed on my phone for him to read. And the tears along that message. Didn't think I'd cry that much, the feelings were just raw an... Updated 18 hours ago
sasaya ba kaya ako ever Updated 1 day ago
I can finally get my laptop after 65 days in the service center. Last week I called  SC and said the replacement parts arrived and it was a keyboard problem. A little too late to tell and it'll be ready for pick up next week Suprisingly, I discove... Updated 5 days ago
big.mati Location: pasay, malibay, Philippines
So. I've been researching further into ADHD, specifically to how that affects me. I'm trying to guage how far I am into the spectrum. I'd say 8/10. Zero being neurotypical, and 10 being full on cannot live a day properly ailment.  These passed mon... Updated 6 days ago
notwocanoccupy Location: Muntinlupa, Philippines
Apparently when you apply for a Korean visa for the 4th time, the Consulate gives you the multiple-entry kind, their way of saying, We know you're obsessed with us so, go ahead, fly here loads of times for ten years. We support you. Mom and Brother got... Updated 1 week ago
harm.evil.lilac Location: Behind you.. no, not that side.. , the other side, Philippines
Dear Admin Supervisor,Thank you as I am very touched upon your threat of "You (I) will know me (her) sometime later". Please be reminded that you're not the first to do that so i am basically immune to those type of threats.You have a grudge because you... Updated 1 week ago
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