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dabahnidanda Location: Singapore, Singapore
I seldom go out nowadays.  I feel comfort in staying in because I think I'm part of the generation who can do million of things with the help of the internet.  But then again, there are times when you just needed to help others and do errands ... Updated 29 mins ago
cinderellaareus Location: San Jose del Monte Bulacan, Philippines
speech on fri. in the hope of expressing my frustration about the govt and politics-related stuff in a very subtle way, i ended up writing something about Lee, the prince... it's been a long time since i lived that fairytale life.. nakakamiss parin pala... Updated 1 day ago
shezzowicked18 Location: Laguna, Philippines
This is the first birthday entry I’ve done in a long time. I’m 31, don’t look like it, don’t act like it, don’t feel like it.  You can say am blessed. I’ve never been fitter my whole life, I look younger than I... Updated 3 days ago
darth_doom Location: Manila, Philippines
ongpin trip with bacon. invited abin to join in since he wanted to be out after breaking up with gf. ate at lan zhou and wai ying. got stuck in the rain for awhile and we rested at abin's room with air conditioning while he played eso. took the lrt2 an... Updated 4 days ago
Dear self, So you're now dating a guy you actually like, and who likes you back, congratulations! He's a good match for you: a family guy, smart, responsible, go-getter, respectful, appreciative, and his hugs and kisses make you melt. And i know you're... Updated 6 days ago
Elan_Morin Location: Philippines
I should be telling you this but I never get the courage when I am with you. I never want to drag you down when we are together. I'm borrowing from your happiness so I try to make you happy. You told me once that you never had a vent to release on. That... Updated 6 days ago
big.mati Location: pasay, malibay, Philippines
When I was young I would get these vivid dreams of house elves and witches to the point that I would walk out the room in the middle of the night because I have to save my family from the evil elves hiding inside the sofa. These were creatures whom I ca... Updated 1 week ago
fishing.. sa floating restaurant sa pililia, yay. masaya lagi ako may huli. first ko na punta, nag undertime pa ako sa trabaho... mas maganda pag weekdays di matao kesa sundays (weekend/holiday) medyo malayo lang . . . haha gusto ko magkaroon ng sa... Updated 1 week ago
manang.inasal Location: Bermuda
Hello! Mabuhay! Guess what? I am still alive. So how's life (just in case you might bother to ask)?Boy, was I full of energy! I've been to two provinces for another adventure. Last August, I filed a sick leave. No, not because I was sick but because ... Updated 1 week ago
notwocanoccupy Location: Muntinlupa, Philippines
I've only lately come to terms with the fact that I am an atheist. I've struggled with the issue of faith for years, but now I feel like I'm at peace with my beliefs (or lack thereof). But what this is really about is the fact that even though I am one... Updated 2 weeks ago
tal Location: Manila, Philippines
Just to let Tabulas know I'm still alive. Still a thinker. Still a feeler. Still a frustrated blogger. :) I've started other blogs two times, and in both times, I ended up not writing a second entry... like there's pressure to write well, but I couldn't... Updated 2 weeks ago
faithfulvixen Location: Makati, Philippines
No more feelings?? I can't seem to feel the love anymore..  If someone is special to you, you make time for them.. Is it really the end of the road for us? What are your plans?? Are you still happy? All of these i am dying to ask you.. Bu... Updated 2 weeks ago
princess_bride Location: Philippines
ok, that's horrible english right there and no quote can save this. hahaha i am just too sleepy. i have a conference call at 7:30 and i'm still in eastwood right now. hate braving the daily traffic ever since this pasig number coding scheme have been i... Updated 3 weeks ago
scriptscribbler Location: metro manila, Philippines
I have done nothing today. I just woke up this morning, took my breakfast, went to the outlet, eat, then shop, went home, then went out again with friends. Do i feel guilty? yes! But there is one thing i realized. There are so many things i don't kno... Updated 3 weeks ago
I seem to be getting more interesting luck with flights to Asia.  The first leg of the trip was delayed for 3 hours because the one of the pilots was sick and needed to be replaced.  This in turn led to an 11-hour standby in Hongkong.  At... Updated 3 weeks ago
denymo Location: Philippines
Okay. I haven't blogged for months now. I've been trying to develop a new mindset--one in which I am not a victim nor a fighter. I've been trying to be more of a creator, and part of that is diverting my attention away from the negative and focusing on ... Updated 3 weeks ago
tsinelaz Location: Pasig, Philippines
So I was given this wonderful opportunity to be able to further my skills. To call it the proverbial "added feathers" to one's hat is actually an understatement. Yes, I got a "conditional pass" status at my recently concluded training in Direct Sputum ... Updated 1 month ago
I saw a facebook friend share his website for his web programming subject. It wasreally nice. I envy him that he's making one. While I am stuck. My mind unconsciously avoidingstudying because of how long, hard and tedious learning programming is. And ye... Updated 1 month ago
reielle Location: Philippines
As of yesterday. 10 year long relationship down in a drain. Can someone please tell/show me the correct way to die. I just can't seem to properly cut my wrist, and it was painful. So I stopped, coz it effin hurts. Maybe I should've given it o... Updated 1 month ago
Lucy Location: New York, United States
...of my mother & my aunt who died on this same day 5 years apart.  I miss you both more than words can ever say.  Updated 1 month ago
autoblasterdefendergirl Location: Philippines
To be honest, i kept saying this to myself now that i didn't cry on the saddest part in Meteor Garden 1 when Shan Chai decided to break up with Dao Ming Shi then drop out of school, causing some young girl asked me if Shan Chai appologized, though i tho... Updated 1 month ago
anokaya Location: Pasig, Philippines
The last 24 hours have been amazing. :-) Aside from getting a really good night's sleep (hurray!) and dinner with the family and the boyfriend (yahoo!), we just closed a PR client for Biz Whiz! May pang-pasweldo na ako sa staff namin! :-) Hehehe. Add t... Updated 1 month ago
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